Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby {E}

I had so much fun last week with Baby {E}. She started out strong, albeit awake, but adorable. She fought us for a while, but we finally got her out, and it lasted about 5 minutes.

Look at all this dark hair. I always wished I would have a baby with lots of dark hair.

I love this one down here at the bottom.  She looks like a three month old, not one less than two weeks.  Oh, the cheeks.

How about this for small world.  Baby's mommy is the little sister to a dear friend from college that I lost touch with.  Took me a bit to figure it out, but so much fun when I put it all together.  Good luck on the move guys!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Baby {P}

My first newborn baby. Not "mine" of course, I've had three of those, but the first one with Snap Pea. I had so much fun and learned a lot from Miss P. Isn't she adorable?