Saturday, January 16, 2010

Love Day Mini Sessions

Is your brain done with the Christmas holidays and is ready to move on to Valentine's Day like mine?

Book a mini session between now and Feb 2nd and receive a 20 minute mini session and one image of your choice.  Prints can also be ordered (please see my pricing for details) if you choose.

Photo sessions will be held in the San Ramon/Danville area.

Next Saturday would be a good day if the rain is gone by then.

Have some adorable boys? We can steer clear of the *ahem* affectionate wording, or just go without the Valentine banner altogether. I am working up a more boy friendly card as we speak.

If you want, you can take your image in a predesigned card.  Than you can email it to all your friends.

And post it on your blog.

Or you could take it to your local printshop and make color copies.

And have them to hand out to all your friends at school. Just put a little sweet treat with it and you are ready for Valentine's Day.

Need images for each of your school aged children? Just an extra $10 per child gets you an image for those brilliant homemade cards (you clever crafty gal), or to take to the print shop at the last minute (you know who you are!).


  1. Oh! Those are just too cute. I might have to do that instead of the boys. I can do them later.

    Book me for next Saturday!

  2. Um, I was not ready to move on to Valentines Day yet, but thanks to you I guess I will!! Yes, yes, Yes! Sign me up! I think we are around next Sat. What time are you doing it? It would have to be after 12:00 for us.

  3. I really like the idea of a mini session. Kids don't cooperate much longer than that, anyway. One of these days I'll have you shoot my good lookin' boys. I'm just counting on my fetus being cute. I love your hair dark, by the way.